It is a passion of ours to be able to give back to our community. 

Here is how it works…

Spirit Nights are offered from September through May. Choose any day between Monday thru Thursday and a 2-hour timeframe that best suits you. The most popular day is Thursday and the most popular time is between 6-8pm. It is best to plan a month out so you have time to tell everyone about it. Then the leader of your organization can contact me* to schedule your Spirit Night so that I can block off that date and time just for you.

Once your Spirit Night has been scheduled there are a few things that you need to do in order to have a successful event…

  • Tell everyone!!! The more people that come out=the more money we will donate. Abracadabra will donate a portion of our sales to your cause. You can post the event on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, send out emails, texts, make some phone calls, etc… anything to get the word out. One of our customers even mentioned this on the morning announcements at their school.
  • Make a sign and bring it to Abracadabra a week prior to your event. We will hang it up for you. You can also make two donation jars to place on our counter during your event.
  • We will need a letter from you on your organizations letterhead accepting the donation.
  • Show up at your scheduled time to support your cause. At least 10 people from your organization must participate for the entire 2 hour event in order to receive your donation. Your event will begin once everyone has arrived.
  • When your spirit night is over, the leader of your organization will collect the donation from the manager.

One week prior to your event we will post it on Abracadabra’s Facebook.

It’s that easy!  Thanks again for thinking of us and giving us the opportunity to help you!

*To schedule your Spirit Night please contact Becky at 407-460-2886.